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Z Papoose (Lib True Son) – From Grass To Grace (Album)

Written by Tunes Liberia

The Liberia International United States Based Artist Z Papoose Lib True Son and his Team is set to release his first Album: Title of the Album is (From Grass to Grace) He is the ( CEO / Founder) and Frontman for the Latest Music Group Founded in The United State of America called ( Lib. T. S Entertainment International.

The Most Features Artist on the Album is one of his Artists, his teammate From the same Entertainment and his name is Benjazee Jamino. A singer/ Rapper.

And Watch out for the Artists on Lib.T.S Entertainment international both Local & international Artists that are currently signed with Lib.T.S. International Record.

(1.)Benjazee Jamino U S Based Artist, (2) R Cool J U S based Artist, (3) Mr. Elevation Local Artist In Liberia, (4)Black Check Local Artist In Liberia (5) Rape Miino Local Artist in Liberia and (6) Trippier Reality, Local Artist in Liberia.

Download “Z Papoose Lib True Son - Party” Z-Papoose-Lib-True-Son-Party.mp3 – Downloaded 154 times – 4 MB

Download “Z Papoose x R Cool J -Pretty Baby” Z-Papoose-x-R-Cool-J-Pretty-Baby.mp3 – Downloaded 423 times – 5 MB

Download “Z Papoose - Party” Z-Papoose-Party.mp3 – Downloaded 214 times – 4 MB

Download “Z Papoose - Plane Fill” Z-Papoose-Plane-Fill.mp3 – Downloaded 179 times – 4 MB

Download “Z Papoose - Shine” Z-Papoose-Shine.mp3 – Downloaded 177 times – 5 MB

Download “Z Papoose x Benjazee Jamino - Show Love” Z-Papoose-x-Benjazee-Jamino-Show-Love.mp3 – Downloaded 173 times – 4 MB

Download “Z Papoose x Benjazee Jamino- Oh! God” Z-Papoose-x-Benjazee-Jamino-Oh-God.mp3 – Downloaded 157 times – 6 MB

Download “Z Papoose x Benjamin Jamino Feat. BeneVee & T Trix - Take Anything” Z-Papoose-x-Benjamin-Jamino-Feat.-BeneVee-T-Trix-Take-Anything.mp3 – Downloaded 179 times – 5 MB

Download “Z Papoose x Benjamin Jamino & Dekhanso - Can't Wait” Z-Papoose-x-Benjamin-Jamino-Dekhanso-Cant-Wait.mp3 – Downloaded 167 times – 7 MB

Download “Z Papoose x Benjazee Jamino - You The One I Luv” Z-Papoose-x-Benjamin-Jamino-You-The-One-I-Luv.mp3 – Downloaded 156 times – 4 MB

Download “Z Papoose x Benjazee Jamino - Wine It Down” Z-Papoose-x-Benjamin-Jamino-Wine-It-Down.mp3 – Downloaded 126 times – 4 MB

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