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Who Owns The Chorus On Last Kiss, Rickslyn or Anitram? Read!!!

Written by Tunes Liberia

Little or nothing is known about upcoming artist, Martina who spells her name backward to get a stage name Anitram. Months back Anitram featured Quincy B on her song title #Grateful, she was believe to be singed to Lewiz McCarthy (Quincy B former manager) ALM Records. She was once rumored to have something to do with Kizzy W. However Currently managed by Swag District (T-Mark) same label of Nuchie Meek and former label of Stunna. All hell broke loose few days ago, before the most anticipated release of @anitrammartina_ Tiwa Savage cover, Running Out. There has been rumors of the artist being featured on Last Kiss by Bucky Raw, but all credit was given to Rickslyn. From where the tea came from evidence could be when Rickslyn posted on her Instastory informing us about Martina and Bucky new record that is yet to be heard on his CS2 album. Sources close to Martina said it was Martina singing on Last Kiss instead of Rickslyn. We have been trying to investigate the allegation for more than a week. Until Martina made it known on a national radio today. According to what we heard when Bucky was about to do this record, he initially reached out to Rickslyn who introduced him to @anitrammartina_ . Apparently Rickslyn must have been the one who wrote the lyrics to the song, but Anitram is probably the one who sang the chorus. For ages this has always been the part of the struggle in the industry. With a lil bit of fear, Martina told Dj Master Queen on Hott Fm today, that she did the first vocal, but due to some reasons, she was unavailable to do the mastering and Bucky told her he had a deadline. Since she could not make it, according to her that was when Rickslyn got on the record. She also said it is the same lyrics and tune, tho we believe it’s Rickslyn. Bucky however said it was Rickslyn who wrote the song and did the vocal. Rickslyn admitted to introducing Anitram to Bucky for a feature, if not for Last Kiss, maybe it’s another song. Screenshot proves tht the lyrics was written by Rickslyn and it’s also true Martina did not complete the song. What do you think. However in subsequent time we will let u know who actually sang the chorus.

Source: Chichipoly Room (Instagram)

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