VOTE Now !! Liberia Dance Awards 2020

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The DanceScope presents the first of its kind, a formal Dance Awards Program, which they call, (The Liberia Dance Awards 2020). The Awards being hosted for the first time in Liberia is a means of having our Liberian dancers known, promoted, and appreciated for their strive over the years even without being supported.

Thanks for Voting.. Voting has Ended

Attention!! Attention!! Attention!!

The DanceScope Liberia Dance Awards voting process ends today!
However, The DanceScope will like to congratulate all of the participants, especially those that seem to be in the lead as prospective winners. We appreciate the fact that you could partake for the first time in such an awards process in Liberia.

The voting will carry 90%, whiles the in-house judges decisions will carry 10%.

Meanwhile, The DanceScope is coming up with a flash-mob, base on the speech from the President of Liberia, in regards to the current state of emergency. Dancers that would be a part will be notified.

Also, The DanceScope is going to have series of online events whiles the awards event is being structured for the dates between the 24th to the 31st of August, approximately, whiles we observe the current pandemic situation within our country. All the participants will be notified of further details/information as may be in relation to The DanceScope Liberia Dance Awards as the time goes by in preparation of the awards event. The awards is coming up!

Let’s continue to work together in making the Dance Industry of our country, Liberia come to the light!
The DanceScope is here for all dancers in order to make the move!




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