Uprising Superstar AK To Become A Daddy

After our new raising star came up on Facebook with his new and exclusive girl friend who’s so sexy, charming that folk have to add some accolade to her name, she came on Facebook few days ago and posted she and her manz, AK lying in bed like the mood of sweet sweet thing just happen.

Their picture got fans in a sweet mood with their artist, for showing his girlfriend openly to the public and his fans after a little while , other ladies who our superstar AK have dated before showing up his girlfriend on social media started shooting shades at our superstar AK girlfriend. This never drew the attention  to the couple.

Few days later E Mac, who’s happen to be our superstar AK present girl friend posted in her Facebook page that she’s pregnant and he’s about to be a Daddy soon.Could this be that she’s this faithful to show that he’s that lucky guy to get her in the way of family or to make her a mother?

We haven’t hear anything from our  superstar about this and his fans are peacefully waiting to hear what he gonna say bout what his girlfriend posted.

This is what she  posted on her social media page as quoted “Ur fav. Prego😛😜
Fyn gil lyk me na😋jealousy dey
rush me😆.