Top Celebrities Relationships in the Liberian Industry that’s in The Lime Light

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Liberian celebrities are now hooking up and showing it in the public via social media.
2018 up to now,there have been a lot of celebrities showing PDA (Public Display of Affection) .
Benita Urey and Nuchie Meek have been seen cuddling up since her break up with rapper Christoph.Lot of new surprised dating have surfaced even though alot of people are shock bcause they didn’t expected it.
Master Queen whom the fans think she’s far older than the young RnB crooner Stunna have been spotted hanging out with Stunna on many occasions and even kissing him public.
She served as a video vixen in his “For Real” video and they showed true chemistry existed between them.

Now to the latest surprised celebrities dating are Karishma & Kizzy W & Da Vero & Jaredo.

Karishma  & Kizzy W:

If you don’t know who Karishma is,she’s ex lover and baby momma of Rapper/business mogul T Floyd. She has a promising acting career and has made debut in several  Angel Michael’s comedy skit. She and Kizzy W went on a baecation recently in Nimba County and were spotted kissing .

Karishma & Kizzy W kissing

Karishma & Kizzy W kissing

Lately there have been speculation whether Ja Redo & Da Vero were in a relationship. The rumors are now true,both artists over the week worked on a joint collaboration  for a song and video called “QUICK QUICK”.
In the video both artists were spotted kissing again.

Ja Redo & Da Vero kissing

Ja Redo & Da Vero kissing


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