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Teddyride x Da Vero & Enough Campaigners – No Means No

Written by Tunes Liberia

Afro pop Guru,@Teddyride  and Hipco Mamie pepper, @DaVero had join the Oxfam Liberia family on Anti Rape Campaign To Stop Rape and Domestic Violence.

This song speaks volume,its a sensitive message to everyone out there please….

Lets make Liberia (even the world at large) a better -safe place for our women and children..

Enjoy the music and hear the message…


Download “Teddyride x Da Vero & Enough Campaigners - No Means No (STOP Rape)” Teddyride-x-Da-Vero-Enough-Campaigners-No-Means-No.mp3 – Downloaded 13543 times – 5 MB

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