Poetry & Spoken Word


The present is here;
Leave sad thoughts behind.
The past doesn’t exist anymore;
Let harmony and joy fill our minds.
The halls and gullies of our minds,
I agree are filled with haunting memories.
And yes,
They shall whisper to us everyday,
In the tremor in which will never fade.
But we have us and we have total control.
We have the power to defeat darkness,
Or let ourselves be conquered by it.
We are the only ones who can decide where we go from here; whether forward or backward.
My interest lies not in who suffered most
But within us getting over it.
And because the future hasn’t us yet,
We need not sit around;
Reliving the past and fighting each other,
Sulking, pouting, sobbing and whining,
Because only then shall we truly spiral down.
Lets allow thoughts only of;
Tranquility, reconciliation,
Peacefulness and innovation,
Because time is only what you make of it.
Let silence the fears that make us
And feel not the hatred that tries to take us.
Lets envision dimes and platelets of greener days.
Liberia is our home;
We are one family.
With peace and hope in our hearts,
With love for ourselves and each other,
Believe me that together we shall be able to cope,
Because indeed and it’s true as we sing,
“In union strong, success is sure!”.