SwagPro Ent Boss Young Boss Finally Throw Stone On EricGeso

EricGeso and Duke Blac noise turning into something different after trowing words on Duke Blac for leaking his song.

attacking each other lyrically at the moment and it all started few days ago after Duke Blac Mistakenly send EricGeso Song out in whatsapp groups.

While the back and forth still going on, swagpro Manager Young Boss decided to put some shid out on Ericgeos

Read Young Boss Post On Facebook: 

Eric Geso I took you to be someone sound enough, one who can understand and relates to issues positively but it seems to be like you are not.
By coming out here on (FB) and posted nonsense like one kid round here you think what it’s going to do for you? Huh!?
The man openly apologized to you that he wronged you and it was actually a mistake.
Why can’t you see reason in that and forgive him and stop lying telling people how you paid him for the song and you and I know fully well that you didn’t.
Now, for your attitude he won’t apologize to you again!! So you can go ahead and do your worst we are waiting out here…
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#Legendary madz Records
#Swag pro Ent.