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Press Release: TunesLiberia Launches Its 4th Annual Music Awards, TLMA 2021 “the Virtual Experience”.

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TunesLiberia Launches Its 4th Annual Music Awards, TLMA 2021 “the Virtual Experience”.

Monrovia, Liberia — TunesLiberia announces the launch of the 4th annual TunesLiberia Music Awards 2021 stated to take place on March 27, 2021, under the theme “We Are The Culture”.  

“We Are The Culture” represents the struggles that we go through as a nation including the increase in Rape cases, COVID-19 pandemic, Mental Health, etc, but still come up and work together courageously as one people. 

Every year the TunesLiberia Music Awards rightfully recognize tremendous works and arts of musicians and entertainers in our music industry. This year the award is coming with a new look and taste. We are recognizing the best musicians and entertainers for the year 2020 for their enormous impact on the Liberian music culture through COVID 19 period.

TunesLiberia Music Awards honors achievements in music and entertainment across distinct categories and winners will be chosen through a process that reflects both the TLMA committee and what fans in Liberia and around the world are loving the most.

As we know, this year has been an unusual year for everyone, most especially artists, but their creativity kept us entertained and safe during the lockdown.

Like the artists and other entertainers who strive to bring the best for us through creativity and innovation; TLMA 2021 is also making a big leap and bringing a new style and taste to entertainment in Liberia. 

We are going Virtual this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The TunesLiberia Music Award 2021 “the Virtual Experience” will consist of special performances, interviews, fans events, giveaways, and more while keeping everyone safe. 

More intriguingly, we are introducing Tunit Music, a TunesLiberia-owned mobile app, and not only that but for the first time, we will be streaming the TunesLiberia Music Awards on Tunit Music and other live-streaming media partners platforms like KMTV, MCC TV plus more. 

Fans who want to have first access to these amazing events must download the Tunit Music app from Google play store and Apple store, sign up and stream the events FREE.

Due to the different structures and developments within the Liberian Music industry, some of the categories will be removed and replaced with newer categories this year.  

“TunesLiberia’s purpose has always been solving problems and building platforms that will enhance growth and make artists have a sustainable career. There have been so many challenges over the years, but we have always been committed to achieving our goals,” state Mrs. Natheline Flahnma Juasemai, the Chief Operating Officer of the TunesLiberia Music Awards

“We appreciate the recommendations and criticisms and are open to working on it for the benefit of the industry.”

The official TunesLiberia Music Awards 2021 nominations will, for the first time be announced in a live-stream video by stakeholders and influencers; during which time the start of the online voting date will be announced.  

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