Pillz Feature Top Artists MasterKraft & Tamba Hali In New Wave

Written by Tunes Liberia
@price_records  Female General @pillz_official  demp  on her newest release official video featuring @tambahali
Produced by @masterkraft_
Pillz coming on this song with Tamba  Hali  should be a massive hit as her melodious voice will compliment the Warri accent used by “Tamba Hali” to carry the song international. Truth is, considering how perfect the song seems to be already in terms of lyrical quality, rhythm, and general content, we are greatly looking forward to listening to the magic Pillz presence will do to this prayer in a song.
When Pillz stepped onto Liberia’s  musical landscape, she didn’t know what to expect. Moreover, she received a lot of ridicule and hostility from people who believed she wouldn’t make it. She said that numerous people tried to discourage her from settling in Liberia. Moreover, people told her that she wouldn’t be welcome as a female singer/rapper. Furthermore, they said that she wouldn’t be able to share the same stage with the likes of Takun J and Soulfresh. PillZ didn’t allow people’s negative connotation of her discourage her from doing music. She released her debut single “Diva”. The song made its way to the top of several Liberian music charts.
And now she’s among the top five artists in Liberia.
Pillz Feat.Timba Hali
          ” Punani”
What do you think about this collaboration on ‘PUNANI”?

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