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Nuchie Meek – Team Nuchie EP

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“Team Nuchie EP” is the latest project from versatile rapper and songwriter Nuchie Meek. The hot rap star who just survive a tragic accident detail his Life Story on the project.

The rapper who is currently in Ghana for treatment dedicated this project for his fan base “Team Nuchie“.

The Team Nuchie EP had alot of different producers like Lyriqalbeatz,Kunta Kunta,Dr. Base & Wil B,Kliff Wonder,RapKid. Also he had collaboration faeturing Zama,Big Max,SlyZ,RoPapers and Jaredo.

Cop this Team Nuchie project below..

Nuchie Meek – Intro

Download “Nuchie Meek - Intro” Nuchie-Meek-Intro.mp3 – Downloaded 10375 times – 5 MB

Nuchie Meek Feat. Jaredo – I Love You

Download “Nuchie Meek Feat. Jaredo - I Love You” Nuchie-Meek-Feat.-Jaredo-I-Love-You.mp3 – Downloaded 21539 times – 5 MB

Nuchie Meek – Trappin

Download “Nuchie Meek - Trappin” Nuchie-Meek-Trappin.mp3 – Downloaded 10775 times – 4 MB

Nuchie Meek Feat. RoPapers – DCMP

Download “Nuchie Meek Feat. RoPapers - DCMP” Nuchie-Meek-Feat.-RoPapers-DCMP.mp3 – Downloaded 6080 times – 7 MB

Nuchie Meek – Elephant

Download “Nuchie Meek - Elephant” Nuchie-Meek-Elephant.mp3 – Downloaded 5658 times – 3 MB

Nuchie Meek Feat. Zama & Big Max – New Generation

Download “Nuchie Meek Feat. Zama & Big Max - New Generation” Nuchie-Meek-Feat.-Zama-Big-Max-New-Generation.mp3 – Downloaded 5922 times – 6 MB

Nuchie Meek – Pepper Soup

Download “Nuchie Meek - Pepper Soup” Nuchie-Meek-Pepper-Soup.mp3 – Downloaded 7306 times – 5 MB

Nuchie Meek Feat. Dr. Base & Wil B – WAVY

Download “Nuchie Meek Feat. Dr. Base & Wil B - WAVY” Nuchie-Meek-Feat.-Dr.-Base-Wil-B-WAVY.mp3 – Downloaded 5548 times – 7 MB

Nuchie Meek – Jorkorbor

Download “Nuchie Meek - Jorkorbor” Nuchie-Meek-Jorkorbor.mp3 – Downloaded 6122 times – 5 MB

Nuchie Meek – Outro

Download “Nuchie Meek - Outro” Nuchie-Meek-Outro.mp3 – Downloaded 5347 times – 5 MB




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