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Joe B – Booty Risky

Written by Tunes Liberia

Joseph Jayay, Alias Joe B” a household name and talent some cant forget for his impact and contributions to Liberia music. He was a member of the group SUAVE, which was one of Liberia’s best group, with names like Billy Kae, and FNS.
Joe B traveled to the USA for education and still continues his music game. Joe B. Has records like Gayla,  2much, Spend My last Dime, Jureshaw.

Plus his latest 2020 single called FRISKY BOOTY” enjoy the beat and rhythm of this song. The lyrics say it all.

Download “Joe B - Booty Risky” Joe-B-Booty-Risky.mp3 – Downloaded 423 times – 7 MB

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