Poetry & Spoken Word


Filled with thoughts on the toilet seat, I cringed.
Where are we headed?
I mean…..
Why so much insecurities, lies and hate,
When we can share confidence, care and love?
Everyone is so afraid to talk to the person next to them,
So we all end up having monsters inside.
We wear the ‘I don’t need anyone’ mask,
When all we really need is someone by our side.
We go on about how we prefer being single,
When deep inside we know it’s all a lie.
We cry at night for the things we desire,
Only to wake up and put on fake smiles.
No more are our smiles authentic,
Because we are worried we will be taken lightly.
We live our lives like we write essays;
Afraid that people’s evaluation of our topics will bring us heartaches,
And so we end up living for them rather than ourselves.
We want true love,
But only a few of us are willing to give.
Some sit idly,
But hate you for giving your life a shape.
So many trust issues;
From breakups to fraud lips,
Cheerful faces but hearts that harbor the opposite.
People judge you because you sin differently.
We want good things but refuse to wait patiently.
We are all victims, living in conformity.
We all can love,
Giving our all and putting in our everything.
Because that one rotten apple,
Doesn’t have to speak for the whole tree.
That shaky past of yours,
Doesn’t mean you cannot know peace.
Everything is achievable,
If you can replace your words with deeds.
And you can actually truly live again,
By giving your life a meaning.