Famous Movie Promoter Emmaunel Sorsor To Close Business Due To Favoritism In Movie Industry

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After a long years of promoting and marketing Liberia Movie finally top promoter Emmanuel Sorsor finally decided to close his business due to the bad way of the newest movie union government  headed by Frank Artus.

It so bad to see a young and energetic guy trying to push our country to a sale point being hit and back stave by our own Liberia Bothers, Eman been promoting and pushing Liberia movie and exposing lot of young and top movie stars through his own weak way.

Eman Posted!!!

I started marketing Liberian movie from 2014 doing the deadly Ebola crisis with my first movie SAMAGUAN IN LOVE which gave birth to the movies market.

From that time up to now I am the highest and biggest marketer that every producers, actors and actresses want to work with now I have up to 150 Liberian movie in the market.

In the year 2016/ 2017 I was awarded as the best marketer by Liberia Movie Union because of this I was motivated and started promoting Liberian music on a DVD visual.

My greatest wish is to see every artists benefiting from their talent like other country do.
2018 I was one of those that went to Artus Frank encourage him for the presidency of the Movie Union and I supported him to the fullest, he promised that he was going to appoint me has the marketer chairman because I understand the the marketing and the challenges of which we are face with but to surprise he appointed a Ghanaian man naturalized Liberian by the name of Richard Dwumoh AKA 2rich he was a movie producer now a pastor.

Here is some screenshot from concern citizen!!

Let us help Eman Back in the business !!!

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