EricGeso To Sue Duke Blac For Leaking His Song Bamplay

Written by Tunes Liberia

Early this morning Top Producer Duke Blac Send hits maker Ericgeso New Single  in whats app group chat with the caption ”Ericgeso latest single Title: Bamplay Prod:Duke Blac….

It was shocking this morning when we received this alert from Top Producer Duke Blac pushing the artist work unknown to the artist….

Later this morning super star Ericgeso posted on his Facebook page saying  that Duke Blac was unprofessional.

On a one on one interview with the Artist, the hits maker told us that after the accident occur he called Duke Blac and asked him, why did you drop my song unknown to me? And Duke Blac told him ” It was a mistake from my girlfriend using my phone”   .But that was wired and naive that only Ericgeso new song she was able to send via whatsapp with all the thousands of artists  songs save in the producer phone.

In return Ericgeso said that Duke Blac should take the song and give back his money since the producer just wanna be dropping song.

But how can that happen?

Will Duke Blac return EricGeso cash?

Let wait and see…………..

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