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DSP – Follow

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After over 4 years of absence from the music scene to complete his Master in Data Science, Liberia International singer, songwriter and performer Ernesto Dweh Sidi Papay2 Herbert, musically known as DSP, introduces new Genre (SoulCo) to African Music with his latest single “Follow”.

The Artist classifies his new style of music as “SoulCo” which is the mixture of Soul Music and Liberia/West African Colloquial Soul Music with influence from other west African pidgin music. The new style of music sounds like Soul Music on afro beat with a Liberian/West African accent. SoulCo is a slow to mid tempo style of music to which you can slow dance like Zouk Music.
The new hit song will be released on the 16thof September 2019 on all digital platforms worldwide.
The song “Follow” is an anthem of love lost at the Digital age. In this single DSP highlights the thoughts of a man longing his past relationship with his former beloved African girlfriend.

Now an adult, he reminisces about their past relationship and decides to search for her on the Internet. He successfully finds her on Instagram but is in doubt about following her because he doesn’t want any trouble as he notices another man in her profile picture.

The big question is: is the man in the picture her lover ? Should He follow?

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