Poetry & Spoken Word


DON’T QUITI spend nights admiring our single mothers,

As they strive to make us better.
No fathers, no jobs, and no helpers,
Yet we wake up and are served with,
Love, affection and care.
What more could they offer?The road gets bumpy,
There are twists and turns,
Yet they never quit

‘Cause they are focused on the bigger picture – the future.
Imagine you wanting to smile and relax,
But you have to go through the hell of raising a child alone.
You wanting the very best for that child,
But your hand is down.
Regardless of how hard it may get mothers,
May you never quit.
The time when you shall sit back and be crowned queen, shall come.
When your memory of what a frown is, shall be lost.
When you shall rub your belly and be proud of the heroes and heroines that you’ve made.
Please don’t quit.Those tears you shed;

When our fathers left,
When they abandoned us,
When they failed to take responsibilities of us,
When you had to do whatever it took to stop us from going to bed hungry,
Those tears would all be vain if you quit now.
You are life itself.
Pure gold, is an understatement of how valuable you are.
The true definition of love you’ve always shown,
Is unimaginable.Sometimes they judge you based on how you are raising us,
They call you names because you try to make us better than others,

Wondering what to do for us and how to make us smile,
You do your best always.
Don’t quit now mothers.
For your victory lies few miles away,
And it’s only a matter of time before you have the final say.