Bucky Raw Draws Back His Apology

This Is Not What Everyone Expected But It is Said That The Beef Between Two Households, Bucky Raw (TrapCo) & Christoph The Change (HipCo) Is Not Over After Bucky Raw Broke Silence With His Post Saying His Apology Was A Sarcastic Statement Or Post.

Fans Gone Since His Live Interview With Strong Gbana Pekin, Some Are Furious That He’s Not Being Responsible While Others Are Actually Enjoying What Is Happening Currently.

This Post Is Another Awakening Of This Entire Which Everyone Thought Was Almost At Rest And At This Point, It Is Expected From Christoph To Drop A Reply-Song Anytime At The Moment.

Rumors Been Around That Christoph Recorded A Song Called Case Closed And Is Expected To Drop Soon.

See Below How Fans React To Bucky Raw Sarcastic Post!!!

Stay Tuned For Christoph – Case Closed!! Dropping Soon!!!