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3$ – Let’s Dril (Hipco Culture Album)

Written by Tunes Liberia

Bringing back the old vibe of Hipco is one pioneer Hipco rapper that goes by stage name 3$.

His delivery brings back memories when we first started listening to Hipco music back in the day .lol

3$ is dropping a project “Lets Dril” with over 24 different but unique sounds.

All the sounds are a celebration of the unique Hipco culture that started the modern Liberian industry and inspired a lot of artists today.

Even giving birth to another genre Trapco. For now, enjoy the first five songs below. More dropping soon.

3$ – Real Man Don’t Rape

Download “3$ - Real Man Don't Rape” 3-Real-Man-Dont-Rape.mp3 – Downloaded 1670 times – 4 MB

3$ – Don’t Sit Sorrowful My Baby

Download “3$ - Don't Sit Sorrowful My Baby” 3-Dont-Sit-Sorrowful-My-Baby.mp3 – Downloaded 925 times – 5 MB

3$ – Don’t Rush

Download “3$ - Don't Rush” 3-Dont-Rush.mp3 – Downloaded 803 times – 4 MB

3$ – Lets Drill

Download “3$ - Lets Drill” 3-Lets-Drill.mp3 – Downloaded 771 times – 6 MB

3$ – In the Ghetto

Download “3$ - In the Ghetto” 3-In-the-Ghetto.mp3 – Downloaded 1024 times – 6 MB

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