Young Zee Throw Disses on Upcoming Track (HipCo Reality Part 1)

Young Zee Throw Disses on Upcoming Track (HipCo Reality Part 1)

On The HipCo Giant Rapper Young Zee Social Media page, the rapper always make some wind thoughts concerning our music industry and Trap Co Rappers, let the diss record drop,Fans already start putting gas on the heavy fire, Young Zee wetrust you and we been waiting for this and you are the right person to make the world know what’s going on in our music industry.

Some Lines from the upcoming Diss song.

If You like Liberian Music try to support it/ some man neh like lay game but lay na geh lay game/ lay too confuse/ lay want rap lay want sing/ they na know leh area Dj’s Turning to rappers & Rappers Turning to singers/ All Lay Disco jokiest having birthday bash/ if you fail to attend J you fall in lay trap

Hipco Reality Part 1” is 100% palava song, take a look at another lines from this new song ”Hipco Reality Part 1” (Trap co pa i came from lay crib/ On la side la Tramadol & Codeine lay can zip) can this just set a real war between TrapCo & HipCo?

But something reminds me about some good trap rappers who always putting mouth on hipco rappers, So I think we are getting into something bigger the we are looking at it to be.

In addition to brand this new beef, Trap co rappers also announced on their social media page ”this is what we been waiting for”wait on ”Hipco Reality Part 1” with the release date:

Download and be the judge!!

Download “Young-Zee-HipCo-Reality-Part-1-Prod.-Killer-Beatz” Young-Zee-HipCo-Reality-Part-1-Prod.-Killer-Beatz.mp3 – Downloaded 10899 times – 5 MB

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