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Weekly Review Vol. 2

Weekly Review Vol.2

Christoph – The Cypher Ft Revoluxon X Margas x Nuchie Meek

The Kind Of Feeling When U Realize The Entire Cypher Is Not Just A Cypher But Something Mapping Out Trapco And Hipco On A Big Scale. Christoph Bringing Out The Most Promising Rappers In The Game Is A Genius Mentality With The Most Heard Producer Lately On The Beat. 4 Artists On This Track With 2 From Each Categories, HipCo And TrapCo And If U Are Ever Trying To Break The Categories Down, Believe It’s Gonna Be Hard. All These Rappers Brought Out Their Best But U Just Have To Get The Better One Out Of The Sun That’s Shining On Them All. Despite Christoph Being That Rhyming Rapper For A While Now, He Came Very Distinct And Heavy To Tell Everyone He Still Raps Well. Nuchie Meek Being The Hero Of This Song, In My Opinion With His Lyrics And Flow Beating Every Other Person On This Cypher. Margas On His Regular Slippery And Tricky Lines, Revo Coming Out As The Weakest On This Track.
The Weakest Of All Was The Beat, Kunta Production On This Beat Was Wack As Compare To Real Cypher Beat. On The Overall, It’s A Very Good Chemistry Seeing Them Rap Together.

DenG Ft Young Zee – Fatu

Listening To DenG Makes U Feel Great, On A Real Note. Hardly Disappoint. Consistency Game Is An A1. Fatu As The Subject Is A Pure Hit Song With Good Chemistry From 2 Of Bilikon Finests, Young Zee On The Feature And KillerBeatz On The Beat And Mixing. Good Vocal, Good Verses And Perfect Voice Placement With The Little Love Lyrics Fitting In Perfectly. Fatu Is A Hit Song, Mo Doubt.

Kobazzie – Abelaibah

Is Finding Where U Live That Hard? I’m Wondering. Kobazzie Is Noted For Typical Good Songs, I Meant Hit Songs But It’s Like Getting At That Level Now Is Very Hard And Strange For Me. Visa Expired? Lol
InMy Opinion, This Song Is A Total Trash From The Beat To The Vocals. Nothing About This So Hyped Song Is Catchy. Disappointment Is Being A Home For This Dude. You Could Still Do Better If Only You’ll Stop Worrying Over What People Are Saying And Rather Focus On Good Music Not Just Any. No Disrespect To Kobazzie But This Song Is Not His Type, It’s Below His Level.

D-Ameko ft Margas X Nuchie Meek – Non Living Thing

Special Vibe From A Top Notch Hook Killer. D-Ameko Is Noted For Killing Catchy Hooks (Floyd Nation All Star – Fries). Perfect Collaboration With Margas And Nuchie Meek Both Providing Their Taste Of Good Rap. Nuchie With The Mix Afro And Trap, Margas With Hipco And Afro, The Mixture Is Crazy. Perfectly A Good Song You Would Want To Stick To Every Time U Want To Vibe To Something New With Perfect Chemistry.

Barsee Mokopala Kiloda X DopeKid Treg – Demons

Still Wondering How Liberian Music Is Getting Better? Underground Artists Are Firing With Everything They Have. How Much Do U Expect Or Want From Such A Song? Barsee Is Heavily Being Watched Lately Because Of His Recent Beef With Swag Pro And It Seems This Dude Is A Really Good Rapper. Good Flow, Catchy And Easy Hook And Lastly, The KillzCamp Giant Illustrate His Name With A Very Dope Verse To Conclude On The Great And Efficient Work. S/o To The Producer, Smykid, This Is Real HipHop Mix With Kolo.

L’Drez Ft Slyzee – Dirty Love

Conceptual Song With A Beat Hard As That Can Never Going Wrong. The Duo Murked This Joint Completely, No Loopholes Or Fault, Total Massacre. With The Right Promo This Song Can Take Over The Airwaves In No Time Ever. Slyzee Verse Was A Game Changer And Drez Own This Track Like He Was Punishing It.

Revoluxon Ft Milli Gunz – Left Right

Joint Sounded Like A Freestyle, The Mixing Mastering Was Way Too Poor For A Producer Such As Kunta. This Is A Total Miss, Both Artists Couldn’t Save This Song Even If They Were Jesus.
Total Letdown

Venny Ft Revoluxion – Kay Kay

Something Slower Than What We Usually Get From Venny, Totally Unexpected Especially With A Top Notch Feature. Despite They Both Executing The Joint Well It Didn’t Live Up To Expectation.
The Duo Fans Gonna Appreciate This For Sure, Its What They Used To.

Nuchie Meek X Dr Base – Fire Emoji

A Typical Nuchie Meek Song, Nothing Mind, blowing But Still Being That Point He Came Hard. Dr Base Beat Was Repetitive And Hard At The Same Time. The Streetz Gonna Hold This Song With Both Hands. Bars Heavy

Kobazzie Ft Stunna – Lib Jue(Check, Mark)

Kudos To Stoneluck Shine The Beat Is Outstanding. The Duo Chemistry Was Flames, Blended Well Like Peanut Butter And Bread. The Hook Was Nicely Done And Each Verses Had It Own Flavor To Make This A Enjoyable Song.

Mitch Mill x Kojo – We Up

Typically A Different Style Of Flow. FEME Brought Out A Single With Their 2 Most Promising Artists, Mitch And Kojo With Both Artists Coming In With Their Own Type of Flow. Kojo Sounded Way Beyond What Anyone Would’ve Expected. Good Flow, Brilliant Writing Skills From Mitch Mill As He Stand As One of The Most Lyrical Upraising HipHop Artist. On The Overall, It’s A Good HipHop Song.


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