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[Wednesday Special] Just For Fun, Vote Your Favorite Liberian Female Singer.


Liberian Music Wednesday’s special; Just for fun, vote your favorite Liberian female artist

1. Sweetz Musulyn Myers – Also known as Liberia’s First Lady, she is recognized as one of her country’s favorite female vocalist with songs like: All Dolled Up, Rack It, Going In, and many more.

2. Lady Mouthphy – A true musical sensation and a real diva. She has made songs like: It’s My Life, Marry You, and was also featured on “Justice” by Takun J, and “Wake Up Call” by Soulfresh.

3. Mai Myers – A representative of Liberian female artists in America, making headlines with with Afro-Electronic vibes with songs like: Am I Ur Lover, Control, and Get It.

4. Faithvonic – Young, beautiful and musically great, she has established herself as a golden voice with hits like: Da Trouble, Occupation, No Time For That, etc….



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