Vote Now!! Tunes Liberia Music Awards 2017


Tunes Liberia Music Awards 2017 #TLMA2017

Below are the nominees for the various selected categories. The voting will run from January 3rd to January 30th. The winners will be determined based on 50% public voting and 50% decision from the awards committee.

Based on your hard work and consistency through the year and your tireless contributions to the growth of the Liberian Music Industry, we believe you deserve the nominations and we also believe you will continuously help                                                                  grow the music industry in Liberia.

The selection was based highly on merits rather personal friendship  or any kind of preferences.

**Committee members who are nominated have the option to either accept their nominations and no longer partake on the committee or decline the nomination and remain on the committee.


Thanks to everyone for voting .. The polls are officially closed its January 30, 12Midnight!!

The Awards program is February 24,2018. Tickets will be available soon!!! Stay Alert and Keep Checking Up Here for Updates!!!

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