King Sokoloko Feat. Joeim & Def 2 – Sweet Liberia

King Sokoloko Feat. Joeim & Def 2 – Long Live Liberia


This music is great, it’s deserve the price Orange Liberia. Big thanks to King Sokoloko for choosing Joeim and Def 2 as feautures Artist. Can’t stop listening to the music .

when will you guys promote and love your own culture?
You guys need to be jail for such nonsense music lying in Chinese. What happens to our dialects. This is a complete trash and insult to my music culture. the beat is overweight and even want to spoil my speaker. love your culture boys

You belleh go sit down Queen Queen, Do you understand creativity? If you have nothing to say just go sit down. If your speak small for this music go buy good speaker and don’t come here and talk shut. Do you know King Sokoloko? He is a Comedian not a Musician OK. This song was not only made fore enjoyment but also to make you laugh. He have made so many great artists in Liberia, DenG, Christoph, Cassimonie, Monally etc from Tbund Studio, I can still remember. Go sleep and take your pills first

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