Spotlight – Meet Rapper/Lyricist Dope Dream

Name: Edward T. Sheriff

Nationality: Liberian

Date of Birth: December 12, 199_

Age: _ _

Occupation: Rapper & Lyricist

Stage Name: Dope Dream (Dream)

Music style: Hipco/Tripco

Our Liberia musician Edward T. Sheriff best known as “Dope dream” was born December 12, 19–.

He was raised shortly with his late mother and father. Our musician quickly got engage with the establishment of a domestic relationship that brought about his beautiful daughter “Alykeela”.

Dream is a loving and caring Daddy to his family. Dream started his musical career from his teenage days where he was attached to a Barnesville, Liberia base group called “Young Dreamerz”.

Some of his teammates were Zor and DJ-Blac. He notice his excellent abilities in his writing skills, stage performances, and reliable movements selflessly.

Dream peacefully departed from his team in other to work with an impressive studio that offer him enough of time to explose his lyrics (Raplogic logic studio). Since our artist has started recording as an individual, it brings broad changelles but still keeps him focus and strong psychological.

Our Artist believe in the saying that says ” If you can dream it, you can do it”. For that Dope Dream is ready for achievements. Dream had worked tirelessly to see his career uplifted. With his experience in the Liberian musical associates whilst underground, he have worked with great and recognize Liberian artist such as: Nastee the “Getto inspiration” veteran, Rise Baby which is highly recognize from a song called “Lougami”, Trumpet D one of Liberia’s oldest lyricist.

┬áNew song “Death of Revoluxon

Dream movement of his career drove him to gaining such relavents and awards on his occupation. With this realization of this short Bio data of our artist we will generously ask you to please listen to his most followed song “Die Young” which he speak realities and keep following this page.

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