Spotlight: G Supremo Is Here To Make Change Say CEO Mr Garmondeh

  Spotlight: G Supremo Is Here To Make Change Say CEO Mr Garmondeh
Conversation Between Refus D. Brooks & G Supremo CEO Mr. Garmondeh 
TunesLiberia. Com Online Interview with G.Supremo Entertainment Ceo Mr.Gbayou Garmondeh Jr By Rufus Devine Brooks Jr (TunesLiberia. Com Promoter/Blogger/publicist)
Hi Mr.Garmondeh Hi Rufus, How are you?? I’m Good. Welcome to TunesLiberia. Com Online interview. Yes,yes,I’m glad to be online with you guys. You welcome Mr. Garmondeh We do understand that you are the ceo of G.Supremo Entertainment? Yes I am and also my beautiful girlfriend/wife to be is my co.CEO Okay that’s awesome. Mr.Garmondeh: Thank you So tell us a little about your Entertainment (G.Supremo ) Okay…G.Supremo was founded in Liberia 2016 but in the US (America) since 2015. I got into promoting parties and bringing artists for shows from other countries, but I saw a need to do something in my own country, so my girlfriend and I started G.Supremo Entertainment as a Records label in Liberia about a year and half.
Oh yeah….that’s great news for our country (Liberia) Yeah that’s a little way to give back to a country that has given me so much. So what’s the main purpose of G.Supremo entertainment?? The man purpose of G. Supremo entertainment is to take Liberia’s entertainment to the world,to make it diversity. Yeah……
you people are really here for true hahahahahah….. So let’s talk about G.Supremo Entertainment and their upcoming projects. Yes,we have a lot of stuff planned. Can you tell the public and supporters of G.Supremo entertainment what are some of their projects that is planned?? Of course, we got a lot of music’s in store from our artists, one of our artist Muzikal did a collabo with Feouls and we gonna release it next Friday and the video a week later .
We have two other artists, Nickie Ahn and Billy K that have a lot of work that’s yet to be released, we are just waiting on the right time. Our biggest project is our studio that gonna open in December of this year,it seems far but we want to do it right. I mean….that’s a great news for the fans ,they can’t wait… Yeah and the plan is to also help other struggling artists that can’t afford to have some studio time. That’s one of the biggest project to come in Liberia this year… That’s good to know .. Okay..Thanks Mr.Garmondeh For being on TunesLiberia. Com Online Interview today. Mr.Garmondeh writes: Thank You so much for having me and I want to thank all those that have put in a lot of work to pave the way for us to be a part of the Entertainment Industry in Liberia. You’re welcome Mr.Garmondeh (CEO Of G.Supremo)
Refus D. Brooks
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