Revoluxon Finally Left Floyd Nation For SNG Records


Revo Tha Devil Is Outta Floyd Nation..

Revo Revealed That He Left Floyd Nation To Elevate His Career .. Read The Discussion Below ; Why You Left Floyd Nation? Uhm in short we will have to elevate at some point in this life You grew up with people from high school and clearly you don’t see a lot of your high school friends no more that’s because everybody will give account of their failures and short coming plus I don’t want people being salty about the whole situation.. Which label you with presently ?? SNG Bro ..
How you feel being away from Floyd nation ? Away from Floyd nation is like leaving your daddy’s home to fetch a better home for yourself.
You believe with SNG You Gonna Elevate Better Huh ?? Old wine new bottle. Any words to ya fans ? they should expect consistent releasing of hot tracks cause I get this anxiety 2 take my hardest shots in 2018 It’s a street take over I do it for the slum. You get any project coming up ? many, including a freestyle with CharlieGold Titled ; “Gummo” And Video will Be Out Soon ..
How long you been outta Floyd Nation ? Almost Week plus .
Will 2018 Be A Better Year For Floyd Nation ?? As Revo Was One Of The Center Of Attraction For The Label .. Anyway According To Jon Champion ; One Goal isn’t The End Of The Match.
So is all set that the hit maker from Floyd Nation with a very hard bars of trap flow finally join SNG Records.
As we all know that Kizzy W and Revoluxon been teaming up lately on so many occasions and now hearing that Revo join the SNG Family, meaning these two guys been working on the deal for  very long time.
but for here nothing much to say…. All we want is the Best
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