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Meet Jacklyn Yoorlay Seibeh ”Liberia Next Top Model” | See Photos

Meet Jacklyn Yoorlay Seibeh ”Liberia Next Super Model”

 Our Industry has been working and bringing out lot of incredible talents that making it’s growth a very big want.

To be a model in our country is very difficult and stressful so whenever we come across a very talented youth I think we need to put hands around then and brand their talents.

Jacklyn Yoorlay Seibeh  is a Beautiful Liberian Girl  from Nimba County. A Senior student at Cuttington University and also Miss Cuttington University 1st runner up.

Jacklyn Yoorlay Seibeh is reading business Management at he Cuttington University. It’s better we promote our newest sensation to help the growth of our industry, Cause these young folks obtained lot of skills, and abilities.

We just can’t leave Jacklyn Yoorlay Seibeh out of this spotlight.

Check out some hot & Beautiful Pics from Jacklyn Yoorlay Seibeh


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