Latest News: Kizzy W Set To Drop Another Banger In Two Weeks

Just recently it was revealed that SNG Records vocalist Kizzy W influenced the signing of his new labelmate and mad TrapCo rapper Revoluxon and they dropped a mega collabo called “Fear Not”, a song that has started finding its way to top of every playlists from radio to the fans.

****If You havent Heard It Click Link “Fear Not” ***

The super dope producer,songwriter and singer is about to blow minds with a song he describes as “The Next Big Hit Song”. We all know if an artist as good as Kizzy W judge a song to be a hit song before it reaches the ears of the actual judges (which are the Fans) you must bugle your seat belt and wait on this hit record.

The song already has a name and its called ” Get Down To 8″ , the name definite tells you issa groovy dance banger.

To give his fans a snippet of the song he posted a short video on Facebook.

Listen below!!

Kizzy W New Song “Get Down To It” Drops in Two Week. #SNIPPET 

Click To Listen

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Do You Think ItWill Be A Smashing Or Not!!!

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