Kizzy W Travels To Nigeria For Another Big Collabo

There’s an old saying, ”A concentrated mind is never disturbed”

One of Liberia’s best vocalists who is also a producer at SNG Records Recording studio, Kizzy W, has been working undercover and keeping mute. whenever Kizzy W travels to Nigeria, something big happens. For example, last year,when he went to Nigerian, he came back with four great songs. What do we expect out of this trip? We saw on his timeline not too long ago that a hit song is coming.

Is Kizzy W travelling to bring the 2018 hit song we all are anxiously waiting for?

See what Kizzy W posted earlier today, with a pic of himself in an airplane:

”Your parents are poor and being rich is a mindset.
Why make fuss with your broke brothers while all of you are depending on your parents pocket?
Use your energy to go out and make new friends with rich people not to prove a point to your brothers but to better their lives.
Stop being concern about wats not important.’

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