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Keneke Put Up An African Peace Connect Show In The Gambia Dec 2017

Keneke Put Up An African Peace Connect Show In The Gambia Dec 2017


Keneke Promotions the major recognized promotional platform own by a Sierra Leonean based in the Gambia, in collaboration with another big entertainment platform called Chief Hamid Entertainment based In the Gambia.
On 22nd December 2017 at MANJIE PARK – GAMBIA. Setting aside a special day in the month of December to make history alongside international Dj Mose from Sierra Leone, there will be collaboration of artist from different African countries to meet in the Gambia for a Peace Connect Concert instigated by a young entrepreneur Mr Keneke whose got successful event credit attached to his brand name, Keneke who just got married few months back in Sierra Leone to his American based wife, he has put this show together to ensure there is a better connect between the super stars in Africa so as to use their fame and fan base to preach peace across Africa and sustain an easy access communication between the Africans, the event is specially inviting the Pan African promotional platform in different countries popularly known as POCKET TV to cover the event and broadcast it in different countries in Africa to showcase and promote events happening in the other country around and as well use the platform to promote sponsors beyond their advertising capacity, CEO Of Keneke promotions ensure the fans that this show is going to be a big One in the Gambia equals to One Africa Fest in Dubai.

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