HOT: Kpanto & Revoluxon Beef Is Fake: Dj Weezy

Kpanto & Revoluxon Beef Is Fake: Dj Weezy

 We all know the amount of problems and troubles this hottest single by Kpanto & Revoluxon causing round town and on every platform, but now hearing this form one of liberia renowned blogger, DJ, Events planner & Manger means we need to listen o his view & read between the line Cause it’s hard for old people to talk in children things.

This was what Dj Weezy wrote on his timeline   

Nobody hit my inbox concerning your so called beef between Skinnyboi Kpanto Skinnyking and Revolution Rocky. I am tired seeing and hearing beef that has no weight.

Two reasons why the beef shouldn’t be Consider serious:

1.No beef song with have a cover with the two artists coming at each other neck to neck

2. Why you all considering “Trouble” as a beef song when in fact the two artists went to studio together, their two producers mix and master the songs together and the comfortably design the flyer together??

This is not a beef song.The guys wanted to act rude and feel the best way to promote the song is by using the word “Beef”.

Don’t want to say much

”But before we end this Listen to the song and give us your view”

Clean Version: Kpanto Feat. Revoluxon – Trouble [Prod. Afo4doe & Kizzy W]

Download “Clean-Version.-Kpanto-Feat.-Revoluxon-Trouble-Prod.-Afo4doe-Kizzy-W” Clean-Version.-Kpanto-Feat.-Revoluxon-Trouble-Prod.-Afo4doe-Kizzy-W.mp3 – Downloaded 17601 times – 4 MB

Kpanto Feat. Revoluxon – Trouble [Prod. Afo4doe & Kizzy W]

Download “Kpanto Feat. Revoluxon – Trouble [Prod. Afo4doe & Kizzy W]” Kpanto-Feat.-Revoluxon-–-Trouble-Prod.-Afo4doe-Kizzy-W.mp3 – Downloaded 133908 times – 4 MB



Oh yeah DJ Weezy
Kpanto just wan be rude he started that thing they call beef, if u listen to the song he used an abusive word on the Devil’s mom

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