Eric Geso Feat. TooMuch – Don’t Blame Me [Prod. Duke Blac]

Hard Hard Records presents another hit song from your favorite Artist Eric Geso …. One thing about

Eric Geso is that he’s not proud and is very loyal to his friends, respect everyone.

His fans go wide when his music hit the hall or the street, his slogan gives him more than what he has asked for “Only God Above.”

Awaiting this new hit song he feature 2 Much ”Teacher Koloqua” and is something that all his fans in Liberia, Australia the USA and around the world can’t stop wishing for, after he came with IFreakor people felt he was not doing anything new till the year comes to an end but no he said “Don’t Blame Me.” Blame it on the……

Wait till you hear this new song.. I guess it’s 11 more days till it drop.

This music video is also on the way so just don’t think you gonna listen to it and not watch the actual story of the song…

“To all my sweet sweet chocolate them… da Eric Geso.” Hard Head Boy…

Download “Eric Geso Feat. TooMuch - Don't Blame Me [Prod. Duke Blac]” Eric-Geso-Feat.-TooMuch-Dont-Blame-Me.mp3 – Downloaded 8544 times – 5 MB

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