Eric Geso Is The Best Performer In Liberia Says ”Mr. Lyee Bility”

Eric Geso Is The Best Performer In Liberia ”Mr. Lyee Bility”

Wow!!! we didn’t see this one coming..

Bilikon Ent CEO Mr Lyee K. Bility voice out another truth about super star Eric Geo. This was not the wrong saying I think so ”Eric Geso Is The Best Performer In Liberia ”. Honesty speaking Eric Geso always put more time to his work weather off stage or Off the mic, The Afro pop singer Energy has increase to the highest level that no stage can hold him back anymore.

We learn that This energetic artist Eric Geso go extra mark just to be physically strong, Some training Eric Geso go through a normal football player can’t do it. putting in more vibes to make the stage a play ground that’s his motive. On the 2017 TunesLiberia Music Awards we noticed that the super star pull out a huge number of crowd the moment he hit the stage and at the late Quincy B fund raising at the destiny entertainment he prove to the public that this is his job.

So Mr.Lyee K. Bility posted on his social media page saying ”Eric Geso is the best performer in Liberia! Your come carry me to jail na I SAID IT!”

See post from his timeline….

To end this Eric Geso is a complete stage killer. 

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