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Edee Feat. Christoph – Alicia [Lyrics] | Download Mp4 & Mp3

Read the Lyrics & Watch the Video to the hit song Edee Feat. Christoph – ALICIA

 Edee ft Christoph Alicia Lyrics


Yea, Da hoo
CTC Babe
Bad gyal ga me searching some bars oooo yea
LT City finest, Edee wallup
Christoph, LT City finest


Drop inna mi crib
Babe gyal i wan give U some pizza
Girl let me just enter
Special kinda loving
I will not give U some fever
Yea….ah yea
Am just liking Ur body
Like the way dat U wine it
The way dat U put it on me
Put it on me
Hmmmm dat why I say

Swagg on point ma I swear na U be my diva
Ahnn hann
Yea, mi wan be ya
Be ya
One and only pekin dat U just can think of
I monitoring Ur body
Mako I swear U sexy
I want U to give it to me
Give it to me
Hmmm dat why I say….


She won ley first game she was acting like general
But I bounced back
I resurrect jeh like Lazarus
Let me be in la sickness when U get malaria
U na see plenty banana but me pa I get cassava
Give it to me mako dem on me like undercloth
La me Ur special designer jeh like Makinico
U know my number call me when U in Ur feelings o
My yellow woman let me be Ur blanket when U feeling cold
If I enter Ur center jeh call me queaku
I promise U I will never spoil my name like Apeaku
Me I na fecee I senior player like Sekou
Let me be Ur body mechanic so I can fix U
Alicia, my juricia
Come take my napor be sucking it jeh like Lisa
Genius on the beat I know U like the freestyle
Me I like dry rice but Edee dem get the pizza


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