Eazy P Linked Up With Bene Vee & Shine P On A Banger “Stick It There” Drop Soon

Eazy P, Australian-based Liberian megastar who has produced lots of hit records, went to liberia in 2008 and 2012 and hosted a show which was a success lots of people showed up to support his work. He has also featured major Liberian artists such as: David Mell, BeneV, Nigga blow, the late Quincy B, and recently C.I.C, also got a song soon to be release called “Stick 8 There” Featuring BeneVee and Shine P (Mr.mind your bay-nay)

Not too long he released a song with his crew E-PLUS called “YOU AND I” then recently released one on his own called “Going MBad” featuring a Nigerian musician & producer called B’Cole.

Eazy P  is a pioneer for Liberian music in Australia. His music explains his personal struggle and pain especially the 14+ years civil war that reduced his country Liberia to virtually nothing.

His art is not just limited to past atrocities but it highlights the many facets and experiences of life like, love, unity, peace, laughter etc… His music will get you from the deep dungeons of emotions to dancing till you forget all your bills.

This new song with Benevee & Shine P “Stick It There” Out Tomorrow November 11..

Stay Alert!!!!!


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