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CharlieGold Decided To Name His Tape That He’s Collaborating With Revoluxon The Last Don Because That’s Who He Is. He Believes He’s The Don Because Of How He Behaves, Who He Walks With, And His Work Also. He Believes He Won’t Be Seconded By Another Producer.

He’s The One And Only CharlieGold The Mixtape, The Last Don Is A Collaborative Work From OPS And Floyd Nation Featuring The 2 Giants, CharlieGold And Revoluxon The Devil. Revo Believes There’s No Other Trapco Artist As Him, And He Sees No Competition From Another Artist. He Said, “I Am Me, No One Can Be Me”. Revo Said, “I Don’t Struggle To Write, I Write Whatever Comes To My Mind.

My Main Focus Is To Change Everything We Had In The Past. Like, The Way The Music Was, Was Very Very Very Boring And Now I Am Trying To Change It, It’s A New Era”. The Last Don Is A Mixtape That Brings Out 12 Songs With Different Different Topics But Might Most-Likely Relate To The Big Name, THE LAST DON.

The Last Don Relates To The Lives Of CharlieGold And Revoluxon Charlie Explained That Putting Artist Together For The Mixtape Wasn’t Difficult Because All Of The Featured Artists Are Into His Type Of Music And Moreover, They Are Dons By Their Own Ways. Such As, Nuchie Meek, Co.Z, Sammi Caine, Etc.

Revo Explains How He Wrote His Songs For The Tape, Making It Somehow Different From His Usual Work. He Said, “Its Something That I Am Use To Writing All Of The Time,Always Writing And Writing, U Know What I’m Saying Right? How To Deliver The Punches And For It To Get In Line With The Beat. So, Like I Started Working. Usually People Will Use Like Other People Styles And Sh*t But I Started Creating My Own Stuff, It Took Me A Lil While For A Style That I Created Myself And With The Help Of CharlieGold With The Beats, Everything Was Just Perfect”. There Are Lot Of Speculations Around That Says Charlie Is The Best Trapco Producer In The Industry.

People Also Argued That Charlie Has That 1 Style Of Beat Productions And Same As Revo, Same Style Of Flow On Majority Of His Tracks. Charlie Describe His Mixtape As A Perfect One, Saying That People Will Have To Determine Whether It’s A New Charlie Or The Same Old Charlie When Listening To The Mixtape. Charlie Is Open To Feedbacks From His Fans And Music Lovers. Revo Talks About Advancing His Game Despite His Current Form Of Good Music. He Said It’s A Step By Step Situation.

He Said, “It’s A Growing Process. For Where I Am Right Now, What I’m Doing, If Time Add Up, I’ll Advance. So U Will Not Get The Same Revo U Had From 2007 To 2010, I’m Just Saying, You Know? I’ll Always Keep Focusing And Working. I Am An Underground Artist For Now. I Haven’t Reached CIC Or Christoph Yet, But For What U Hearing, You Know It Will Take No Time. Expect Me To Be On Top, Expect Consistency”. CharlieGold And Revoluxon Appreciates The Support Of Everyone, Stating That 75% Of The Work Is Done By The Fans Not Them.

Keep Tune For The Most Anticipated Mixtape Of 2017 CharlieGold – THE LAST DON (ft. Revoluxon)

Full TRACKLIST!!!!!!

Cop the full mixtape below!!!!

Download “1. CharlieGOLD - The Plan (Intro)” 1-CharlieGOLD-The-Plan-Intro.mp3 – Downloaded 2014 times – 471 KB

Download “2. CharlieGOLD Feat. Revoluxon & Swvy - No Mo” 2.-CharlieGOLD-Feat.-Revoluxon-Swvy-No-Mo.mp3 – Downloaded 3477 times – 6 MB

Download “3. CharlieGOLD Feat. Sammi Caine x Revoluxon - The Girl Is Mine” 3.-CharlieGOLD-Feat.-Sammi-Caine-x-Revoluxon-The-Girl-Is-Mine.mp3 – Downloaded 3323 times – 4 MB

Download “4. CharlieGOLD Feat. Revoluxon x Icey - Fire” 4.-CharlieGOLD-Feat.-Revoluxon-x-Icey-Fire.mp3 – Downloaded 2438 times – 4 MB

Download “5. CharlieGOLD Feat. Nuchie Meek x Revoluxon - Leh'wo” 5.-CharlieGOLD-Feat.-Nuchie-Meek-x-Revoluxon-Lehwo.mp3 – Downloaded 7217 times – 4 MB

Download “6. CharlieGOLD Feat. Sammi Caine - Your Love” 6.-CharlieGOLD-Feat.-Sammi-Caine-Your-Love.mp3 – Downloaded 1421 times – 5 MB

Download “7. CharlieGOLD - Niggaz Talk (Skit)” 7.-CharlieGOLD-Niggaz-Talk-Skit.mp3 – Downloaded 1211 times – 2 MB

Download “8. CharlieGOLD Feat Co-Z x Revoluxon - King Kong” 8.-CharlieGOLD-Feat-Co-Z-x-Revoluxon-King-Kong.mp3 – Downloaded 2762 times – 4 MB

Download “9. CharlieGOLD Feat. Sammi Caine x Revoluxon - Real Nigga” 9.-CharlieGOLD-Feat.-Sammi-Caine-x-Revoluxon-Real-Nigga.mp3 – Downloaded 3127 times – 3 MB

Download “10. CharlieGOLD Feat. Nuchie Meek - Tolbert Doe” 10.-CharlieGOLD-Feat.-Nuchie-Meek-Tolbert-Doe.mp3 – Downloaded 6082 times – 4 MB

Download “11. CharlieGOLD Feat. T-Floyd Sammi Caine - On The Regular” 11.-CharlieGOLD-Feat.-T-Floyd-Sammi-Caine-On-The-Regular.mp3 – Downloaded 1248 times – 3 MB

Bonus Track!!!

Download “12. CharlieGOLD Feat. Revoluxon x Sammi Caine - In Form” 12.-CharlieGOLD-Feat.-Revoluxon-x-Sammi-Caine-In-Form.mp3 – Downloaded 2783 times – 4 MB

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