Read the Message Before You Download!!!

Read the Message Before You Download!!!

Afro Pop/Afro Dance Mixtape

DJrock_1hr_Liberian Music Radio Play (9-11-17)


Kizzy W. - Go Down

Miss Monrovia – Sexual Healing

Bucky Raw & Sirweah – Come Closer (Remix)

Nuchie Meek Feat. Teddyride – Too Much

Killer Beatz & DenG – Board Shaking

Pious Feat. Nuchie Meek & A-Raw – Don’t Let It Bother You

J-Slught Feat. A.Fo4doe – Swallow Me

Flex – Dancing Shoes

L-Drez – Wapee

Chiller Coolnanee Feat. G2 Amani – Na You

D-Ameko Feat. Christoph – Juicy Pushup
PCK & L-Frankie – By You

DenG – Role Model

C-Jay – Boss Chick

Quincy B, EricGeso, Shining Man & Rawlo – Don Dada

ConCCoins – Expensive Chick

Scientific & DJ-Sly – Dah Na News

CIC – Lovetee

Kizzy W. Feat. Guru – Ouuuu Baby

Stunna – Daddy

Razo Dazo Feat. Rapkid – Juicy

Soul Fresh Feat. Teddyride – This Year

AceCape – For My Ma 

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