Read the Message Before You Download!!!

Read the Message Before You Download!!!

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Berenice Mulubah — “Did Semah G. Weifur Benefited From His First Song With Flavour? “

How did this blind little boy Semah G. Weifur benefited from the first song he did with Flavour?

This came just right to our mind only because of the return of Flavour, Mastercraft & Clarence Peter.

The first single was the real deal and sold a lot so here is the question.

Did Semah G. Weifur Benefited for His first single with Flavour?


Since we are going to used his disability as a marketing tool, let me understand, how did his living condition improved the first time? How many shows did he do with Flavour? None. 

Desperation for Foreign approval is beyond my understanding. Please don’t tell me, “at least, let’s be grateful.” When I see growth, it doesn’t include hand-me-downs and pity from Foreigners.

I see total empowerment for the whole industry, that’s the kind of growth I will be grateful for, not Flavour using a kid disability as his PR marketing tool.

We settle too much for “at least.”
Flavour, we need to see this little boy performing with you around the world in concerts when you performing these collaborations you are doing with him.

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source: Berenice Mulubah

What do you guys think,did the kid benefit or not? Leave your comments below!!!

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