Read the Message Before You Download!!!

Read the Message Before You Download!!!

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Christoph Drops Two(2) Singles From His Upcoming Album “Bonnie Dust”


Christoph The Change is yet to announce his album’s release date, but will drop two singles on January 31, 2018 to promote his upcoming project. The two singles are: “Kumbasa”, (produced by 2switt), and “Chaklal My Hay”, featuring DenG (produced by Genius).

The two singles will be free and available on Christoph’s official YouTube account (@Christoph Official), and all of Liberia’s musical websites:,,, and

The album release date will be announced on Christoph’s official Facebook page (Christoph The Change), and will be available on iTunes, Spotify, cdbaby, Google Play, and many other undisclosed online stores. It’s time to financially support your favorite Liberian artist/rapper.

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