Read the Message Before You Download!!!

Read the Message Before You Download!!!

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Celebrities Sightings : Kobazzie & Baby Girl + Christoph & Benita Urey [Photos]

Ain’t this the cutest pic ever. Look at how fine they are in this beautiful pic.

Popular Liberian singer Kobazzie is spotted out with his baby girl . Wow hmmm she so cute .

Watch out for the beautiful Lorma girl as she grows out in the industry. Probably she might follow her father and sing, you never know.


Below is the picture of popular Liberian rapper Christoph and his bae Benita Urey(daughter of Entrepreneur and socialite Benoni Urey). The two love birds are always spotted at major programs and events.

Wow so the Gbanna (Street life) man na fall in love. This romance seems to be taking another trend my people.

I can see us having another  celebrities wedding very soon!!!

Wish them goodluck and “Love covers all ” quoted by Christoph in the picture.

“Marry Me..” was a song Christoph did sometimes back;probably she might the one. “Love is in the air………”

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