Breaking News: NVTI Gave Scholarship To Two Creative Liberians

NVTI gave out full study scholarship to Morris and Joseph to acquire adequate knowledge to easily improve the big vision they have for Africa. Creative Liberians are spotted and invited to prove themselves, they both visited NVTI Vocational school located in Congo town with their yellow helicopter designed and locally crafted by Mr.Joseph and Morris both Liberians, the vision is to have locally designed and manufactured aircraft to ease transportation in Africa as it has always been the extremely rich people that can afford to travel by air in Africa but this two brothers have decided to set up good team of creative Liberians to ensure that in the nearest future there will be multiple aircraft made in Liberia by Liberians.

The NVTI vocational school promised to use every links within their reach locally and international to support till the dream comes alive if the team is ready to focus and punctual, JMK publicist played a vital role in promoting the boys before the international Media platform operating in different African countries presently in Liberia known as Pocket TV international. Room is open for every other creative Liberians to show up their creative talents and be privileged to win scholarship to acquire special knowledge required.

Story by: Gold Lizzy

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